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Ask The Expert – Wyatt LaVigne, PT, DPT, ATC- Director TWC

Question: My child had a concussion while playing sports. How long does it take to heal? When can they go back to sports?

Answer: It depends! Most kids recover from a concussion within a few weeks, but some kids take longer to recover.  It’s important to know that a concussion is a mild brain injury, and you need to give your brain enough time to heal prior to returning to sports. Trying to return to sports too soon, before your brain is ready, can actually make things worse.

As the director of RLMC’s Concussion Management Program, I use state-of-the-art tests to help decide when an athlete who had a concussion has recovered and is ready to return to sports. I also use physical therapy exercise programs to help athletes recover faster after a concussion.

At RLMC, we take pride in caring for our injured local athletes. Please contact Rainy Lake Medical Center’s Therapy & Wellness department at (218) 280-3772 with any questions or to schedule an appointment.


For more information on how our Therapy & Wellness team can assist your family please call: 218.283.5420


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