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Getting prepared

Rainy Lake Medical Center staff received decontamination shelter training June 9 in preparation for an all-day exercise set for Aug. 26, known as “Operation Walleye.”

“Operation Walleye” is a training event that aims to help local first responders and key stakeholders prepare for a potential hazardous materials incident in the Koochiching County and Rainy River region. The training is designed to target improvements in local first response organization including Rainy Lake Medical Center, the fire department, law enforcement, EMS services along with city, county and state government.

RLMC’s role in the Aug. 26 mock train derailment will be incident command, emergency room services and a decontamination team. Staff is planning for additional decontamination training July 15, that will include full personal protective equipment and a “victim” who will need to be decontaminated.


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