Greg Oja, Licensed Audiologist with Renaissance Hearing Centers

Audiology Outreach

Rainy Lake Clinic hosts an audiology outreach with Renaissance Hearing because we know that communication connects us to others. The offering of audiology assessments and services to our patients in the Borderland provides access to diagnosis and treatment for better hearing healthcare in our own community. Audiology outreach services have been provided to the northern region for more than 35 years.

Greg Oja, a licensed audiologist with Renaissance Hearing Centers, sees patients in our Rainy Lake Clinic, right here in International Falls. An audiologist evaluates hearing, balance, and tinnitus. Audiologists also recommend, fit, and dispense hearing aids and other assistive devices.

Each comprehensive hearing evaluation and fitting is conducted in a private environment. In a hearing evaluation, the audiologist uses tones to determine hearing levels by frequency and uses word lists to assess speech reception abilities. Tympanometry measures the function of the middle ear and determines the presence of fluid, a hole in the eardrum, dislocated ossicles, or middle ear pressure problems.

Convenient and full audiology services offered:

  • Hearing exams
  • Video otoscopy presents views of your eardrum on a monitor
  • Private fittings in a discreet environment
  • Proprietary advanced technology
  • Many competitive brands
  • Advanced hearing aid technology with light, unobtrusive design
  • Trial periods

If you have a need for hearing aids, Renaissance Hearing Centers will make every effort to help you get appropriate hearing instruments at a cost you can afford.

Providing audiology services right here at Rainy Lake Clinic in International Falls is another way Rainy Lake Medical Center shows its commitment to our patients and community-based healthcare.

For more information or to make an audiology appointment, please contact Renaissance Hearing Centers at
1-800-414-5854 or (218) 444-4444.