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Rainy Lake Medical Center named by MHA for superior performance.

Minnesota Hospital Association honors hospitals and health systems for superior performance on HEN 2.0

More than 100 hospitals across Minnesota participated in the Partnership for Patients Hospital Engagement Network 2.0 (HEN 2.0) focusing on improving 10 hospital-acquired conditions. The goals of the campaign were to; Decrease preventable hospital-acquired conditions by 40 percent and decrease hospital readmissions by 20 percent

MHA recognizes HEN participants for their superior performance in patient safety when they achieve and sustain a 40 percent reduction on at least six hospital-acquired conditions and meet three or more patient and family engagement (PFE) criteria.   Rainy Lake Medical Center was recognized by MHA for superior performance in patient safety as part of HEN 2.0. MHA works collaboratively with a variety of other associations, organizations and state agencies to help advance health care in Minnesota and improve patient safety and quality. The Hospital Engagement Network (HEN) engages its participating member hospitals by awarding grant funding to strengthen and expand their quality and patient safety initiatives.


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