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State-of-the-art Surgery Center Remodel Completed

Lynn Skaro, surgical services manager of Rainy Lake Medical Center announced that phase two of the Surgery Center remodel is now completed and officially opened. Skaro stated, “A new state-of- the-art operating room with updated equipment for laparoscopic surgery that will provide the best visualization of the anatomy with enhanced clarity and brightness. We also have invested in advanced radiology equipment such as a portable fluoroscopy called a C-Arm. A C-Arm is an x-ray image intensifier which converts x-rays into visible images. Having a C-Arm on site will allow us to provide services such as fracture repair, port placement for chemotherapy, epidural and joint injections for pain. This technology will help patients stay close to home with less need to travel out of the community for services.”


In September, phase one of the surgery department remodel was completed, which consists of a new pre-op and recovery rooms. Five spacious private rooms were added to provide privacy for patients and to allow family or friends to be with the patient before and after their procedure. Included in this phase of upgrades were new wall mounted cardiac monitors. These monitors were installed to supply comprehensive patient information at a glance. To accommodate the growing orthopedic practice, two clinic/exam rooms were added to the surgical department.


Surgery offerings at RLMC are weekly for RLMC’s general surgeon, Dr. Heather Cook, and OB/GYN, Dr. Kimberly Versteeg.  Orthopedic surgeries are growing here with Dr. Joel Zamzow, Dr. Peter Goldschmidt, and Dr. Joshua Rother of Orthopedic Associates of Duluth.  Monthly surgical procedures are also performed by Dr. Kirsten Moore, Podiatrist of Essentia Duluth, Dr. Robert Stubenvoll, ENT of Essentia Duluth, Dr. Mark Dwyer, Ophthalmologist from Sanford Bemidji and Endoscopy with Dr. Anthony Stone of  Essentia International Falls. RLMC offers urgent care, emergency care, surgery, cardiology rehab and diagnostics, chemo and infusion therapy, radiology, obstetrics and gynecology, therapy services, audiology, pharmacy, laboratory services, and outreach specialists.


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